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Dear Friends and Partners:


The Unity Group of Chattanooga strongly values your support, assistance and commitment as we embark upon our 52nd Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Week, March and Birthday Celebration. We are immensely thankful for the aid and support we have received from our friends and partners on an annual basis as it has benefited our community throughout these many years. Though we are truly humbled, we also remain acutely aware that the causes that Dr. King stood for still resonate which includes promoting social justice for all and building what he called the “Beloved Community.”


For this reason, we are, soliciting your continued support through financial donations and contributions. This will help us to fulfill much of the work that we have historically been committed to as well as assist us in answering the needs and challenges that are arising in our society and community today in order that they may be more vibrant, prosperous and sustainable. 


Yours in Abundance, 

Unity Group of Chattanooga

Eric A. Atkins, Co-Chair 

Pastor Charlotte S. N. N. Williams Co-Chair

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